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We carry a full line of used networking equipment from both Cisco Systems plus reburbished pre-owned network equipment from well-known brands like Marconi, Extreme Networks, Dell and HP.

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Save up to 90% off retail when buying certified pre-owned hardware

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We trade pre-owned Cisco hardware and equipment.

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Pre-Owned Networking Technology for your Business

Sapia Networks offers complete end-to-end flexible networking solutions from all the major brands with an inventory of over $50 million in network equipment products.

Prices for the highest quality refurbished and used Cisco network equipment range from 50% to 95% off the manufacturers’ list prices!

Save on new, refurbished, and used Cisco routers & switches plus a full line of brand name networking hardware products including.

Used Cisco Equipment

Cisco Systems

  • Cisco Security
  • Cisco Optics
  • Cisco Switches
  • Cisco Routers
  • Cisco Servers
  • Cisco IP Phones

Used Cisco Equipment

Cisco Systems is the global leader in networking technology. Sapia Networks sells used Cisco Hardware including used Cisco routers and used Cisco hardware Switches at up 95 % off list. Buy used Cisco Security hardware, used Cisco IP telephony and used Cisco optics.

Shop and save on pre-owned Cisco routers, Catalyst switches, ASA firewalls and Unified IP Phone systems


Extreme Networks

  • Extreme Legacy Products
  • Extreme Extreme ReachNXT
  • Extreme Wireless Products and Software
  • Extreme Extreme XFP, SFP, Xenpak Modules

Pre-Owned Extreme Hardware & Equipment

Extreme Networks delivers world-class enterprise networking solutions. Sapianet carries used Extreme BlackDiamond and used Extreme Summit switches. Buy, sell or trade used Extreme gigabit and used Extreme fast ethernet switches.

Marconi Telecom

Marconi Telecom

  • Marconi Switch Control Processors (SCP)
  • Marconi Switch Modules (SM)
  • Marconi ForeRunner Series
  • Marconi ASX-4000 SCP Options

Used Telecommunications Equipment

Supplier of telecom switches we carry used Marconi switch and modules including used Marconi ASX-200BX switches, ASX-1200 switches, SCP-P5-400, NMCE-8/DS1E1E, NM- 4/DS3E, NM-4/155IR3MME, NM-4/155SMIRE, NM-1/622SMIRE, NM-4/ETH-TXB, NM-4/E3E and TNX switches.

Buy, sell or trade your used networking equipment

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Buy, Sell of Trade Used Network Equipment

Sapia Networks provides new, used and refurbished networking equipment to businesses throughout North America. We buy, sell and trades in major brand names such as Cisco Systems, Networks, Extreme Networks and Marconi telecommunications hardware and used equipment parts. 

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