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Used Juniper M Series

Save Up To 90% On Used Juniper M Series Routers

Used Juniper M10i & Used Juniper M7i

The demand for a stable and robust routing platform continues to increase as the world wide internet grows and expands. In fact, many of today’s large organizations have multiple offices spanning the entire globe. This creates the need for extremely stable routing platforms that are both reliable and secure like Juniper Networks M-series Juniper M10i and Juniper M7i routers.

Used Juniper Networks M Series

Juniper Networks has introduced the Juniper M10i and Juniper M7i M-series routers in order to meet the growing demand for multi-service edge routing platforms.

Sapia Networks’ used Juniper M10i and used Juniper M7i routers have the most extensive IP/MPLS capabilities offering rich service with unparalleled scalability, stability and reliability. Using hardware based approach, Juniper Networks, Juniper M10i and Juniper M7i routers possess the versatility to service many types of businesses, allowing companies to consolidate numerous networks into one single infrastructure while leveraging leading edge services to increase revenue.

Delivering layer 2 or layer 3 reliable, secure services, used Juniper M10i routers are ideal for a diverse range of applications including manufacturing, distribution, financial and e-commerce businesses.

Both the used Juniper M10i and the used Juniper M7i use hardware based processing which enables companies to deploy multiple services on one single router platform while having the piece of mind that all rout processing is done on the hardware.

Used Juniper M10i and Juniper M7i Router Family Include:

M7i-AC-2FE-US-B M7i, AC (US Cable), 2 FE Ports
M7i-AC-1GE-US-B M7i, AC (US Cable), 1 GE Port
M7i-AC-1GE M7i, AC, 1 GE Port
M7i-DC-1GE-B M7i, DC, 1 GE Port
M7i-AC-2GE-US-B M7i, AC (US Cable)
M10i-AC-US-B M10i, AC (US Cable),
M10i-AC-B M10i, AC
M10i-DC-B M10i, DC

Sapia Networks Buys, Sells & Trades Used Juniper Platforms

Sapia Networks buys, sells and trades refurbished and used Juniper Networks products and our huge inventory is continuously changing.

Sapia’s used Juniper M10i and used Juniper M7i routers are subjected to rigorous testing during the refurbishing process. Call Sapia if your require assistance in choosing the correct M-series used Juniper M10i and Juniper M7i routers for your needs.

To learn more about the capabilities of a used Juniper M-series router including used Juniper M10i or used Juniper M7i routers call Toll Free 877-672-2565 or email [email protected].