Industry-leading Used Brocade Silkworm fabric switches connect servers and storage devices throughout Fibre Channel SANs. The resulting high-speed, robust storage networks enable organizations to access and share data in a high-performance, manageable, and scalable manner.

To help protect existing investments, Used Silkworm switches are fully forward and backward compatible. This capability enables organizations to deploy 1, 2, and 4 Gbit/sec SAN environments with highly scalable core-to-edge configurations. Used Silkworm switch models range in size from eight ports to 32 ports, and can function as standalone or edge switches, depending upon specific SAN requirements.

Used Brocade embedded fibre channel switches are modules that can be added to popular blade server products, providing switched fibre channel connectivity for the multiple server blades in a chassis. These configurations are appropriate for applications ranging from large data centers to workgroup SANs and offer greatly reduced implementation costs as compared to a purely external SAN with an embedded Fibre Channel pass-through module.

High Availability - Silkworm switches

Used Silkworm switches meet high-availability requirements with redundant, hot-pluggable components, hot code activation, automatic path rerouting, and extensive diagnostics. Leveraging the Used Brocade networking model, these switches can provide a SAN fabric capable of delivering overall system availability greater than 99.999 percent.


To meet the need for scalable and affordable SAN solutions, Used Silkworm switches are backward and forward compatible—providing a seamless migration path all the way to 4 Gbit/sec connectivity and intelligent fabric services. In addition, support for heterogeneous SAN environments provides much greater flexibility in utilizing existing technology resources in cost-effective, easy-to-manage SAN environments.

Fast, Reliable Performance

From the 8-port Used Silkworm 3250 to the 32-port Used Silkworm 4100, organizations can experience high performance by using Used Brocade ISL Trunking to achieve 8 Gbit/sec of data throughput (up to 32 Gbit/sec total throughput with Used Silkworm 4100).

Simplified Management

Used Silkworm switches are designed for easy deployment, management, and maintenance. When used in dual-fabric SAN environments, they support the highest levels of availability, reliability, and scalability. In addition, they simplify administration through embedded Used Brocade Web Tools management software.

Excellent Value - Brocade FastIron Series Switches

Designed for flexibility, Used Silkworm switches provide a low-cost solution for DAS-to-SAN migration, small SAN islands, NAS back ends, and the edge of core-to-edge enterprise SANs. As a result, these switches are ideal as standalone departmental SANs or as high-performance edge switches in large enterprise SANs

Sapia Networks provides a full line of used Brocade switches and refurbished Brocade switches from the entire Silkwom line.

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