Cisco Adapters

Cisco PA-T3+ and Cisco PA-2T3

Refurbished and used Cisco PA-T3+ and Cisco PA-2T3+ DS3 port adaptors for the Cisco 7206VXR router offer high dense DS3 line termination. Demand for high-capacity corporate backbones and trunking connections for service providers has led to growth in clear-channel DS3 connections that has outpaced all other types and speeds of leased lines. Service Providers and IT network managers have experienced tremendous strain to provision and manage new DS3 connections. The used Cisco PA-T3+ and used Cisco PA-2T3+ port adaptors simplify DS3 line management, reduce provisioning, and opening up valuable rack space.

Cisco PA-MC-2T3+

A Cisco PA-MC-2T3+ enhanced two-port multichannel T3 port adapter is made for the Cisco 7206VXR/NPE-G1, and is the next step in port density and flexibility. Each adapter has two T3 ports that can be independently configured for either multichannel T3 or packet T3 operation. Connections to DS3 and subrate DS3 services can be provisioned when configured as T3 ports. Up to 56 T1 links can be brought in on this single-wide port adapter when configured as multichannel T3 ports. Each T1 can be further channelized to DS0 making the two-port enhanced multichannel T3 port adapter the most advanced interface for WAN provisioning. The combination of packet-over-T3 and multichannel T3 functionality makes a refurbished or used PA-MC-2T3+ port adapter ideal for a company’s ever-changing WAN environment.