Used Cisco Switches

Professional IT staff understand the key role an intelligent switching platform plays in a networking system. By deploying a refurbished or used Cisco switch companies can grow and expand by integrating an architectural approach to switching. Cisco switches provide the needed security, manageability, availability, and optimization for today’s converged networks.

Cisco offers one of the most versatile platforms of fixed and modular LAN switches currently available in the marketplace. A used Cisco switch provides the performance, features and robust services that are required to protect, optimize, and grow the network as the technology needs evolve for an enterprise.

At Sapia Networks we buy, sell, and trade new, used, and refurbished hardware from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of IT communications network equipment. From Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks, to Brocade and Riverstone… we’ve got them all and more!

We offer low discount prices (anywhere from 50% to 90% of list prices!) and great products (all backed with a 30-day warranty), fast delivery times, and experienced, friendly staff… all of which have helped us to make us a leading player in the pre-owned IT equipment marketplace.

Additional Benefits of Cisco Switches include:

  • A used Cisco switch offers enhanced capabilities like web based management and integrated tools… makes it easier for IT managers to troubleshoot and manage a network.
  • A used Cisco switch offers High-Density Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet enabling faster predictable networking and distribution of data and services… allow for freedom to deploy complex applications without fear of bottle necks in a network.
  • A used Cisco switch optimizes traffic delivery by leveraging QoS, multicast, and content switching… makes switching platforms more efficient when delivering high bandwidth data like video and voice.
  • A used Cisco switch supports both pre-standard PoE power and IEEE 802.3af compliant devices… provides versatility for companies so they can continue to use old technology while enabling them to deploy the latest technology.
  • A used Cisco switch is self-defending and can prevent DoS attacks, worms, viruses, and other malicious activities… protects and secures confidential information.

To learn more about how a used Cisco switch can help your business or organization, contact Sapia Networks at 877-672-2565 or email [email protected]