Used Extreme BlackDiamond and Used Extreme Summit Switches for sale. The speed at which today’s enterprise networks are growing makes simple, seamless scalability a critical concern for IT managers.

Our used Extreme Networks BlackDiamond and Used Extreme Alpine Modular Switches enable you to scale your enterprise infrastructure effortlessly and cost-effectively. In addition, used Extreme delivers voice-class connections and availability, enhanced security and straightforward end-to-end management.

Sapia Networks offers a range of modular chassis-based switches including used Alpine access switches and used BlackDiamond access and core switches, so you always have a path to scale as needed. Adding more ports is simply a matter of slotting in a larger module or moving to the next-sized chassis.

Used Extreme Switching modules can be used interchangeably within product families thereby saving money and reducing the need to maintain a multitude of spares.

The used Alpine 3800 is the most cost effective modular switch on the market today. The used BlackDiamond 6800 provides a scalable gigabit core and distribution solution for your network. The used BlackDiamond 10808 is designed from the ground up to provide the highest level of 10-Gigabit intelligent core capability available. All of our used Extreme Networks modular switches provide the same consistent performance from the edge to the core of your network.

Predictable Performance

Used Extreme Networks’ products have always provided hardware features such as Quality of Service (QoS), Access Control Lists (ACLs), and statistics gathering that operate at line rate.

Packet buffering and large switching table sizes ensure that our switches can accommodate increases in network bandwidth and scope while minimizing latency and jitter, which can play havoc with delay-sensitive voice and video. We engineer our chassis to grow with your network. Used Extreme Summit Product Line Overview

The Summit fixed-configuration switches deliver high-performance multilayer Ethernet switching to wiring-closets, aggregation points and the network edge in an affordable compact form factor. Ideally suited for networks where space and costs are a concern, Summit switches are capable of delivering the advanced routing, security and quality of service features normally found in chassis-based switches. Summit switches can be used in various networking scenarios by simply choosing the model that fits your needs.

Used Summit x450 Series, Used Summit x650 Series and Used Summit i Series

Extreme’s edge solutions enable the unique Unified Access Architecture enabling users to connect a traditional PC, an IP telephone, or a lightweight wireless access point. The used Summit 450 and the used Summit 650 are Layer 3 PoE/wireless edge switches providing all the benefits of Unified Access, including comprehensive wired/wireless security, voice-grade availability, and end-to-end manageability.

Used Summit x670 Series – Full-feature Layer 2/3 Access Switches for the Budget Conscious

Twenty-four and forty-eight 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports and two Gigabit Ethernet ports in a 1RU form factor

Both copper (10/100/1000Base-T) and mini-GBIC gigabit uplinks included for convenience

Wire-speed IP routing and Layer 2 switching

Includes all critical security features such as ACL’s and Network Login

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