Used extreme blackdiamond 8800 switches equipment by Extreme Networks

Manufactured by Extreme Networks, the extreme blackdiamond 8800 switches networking equipment and hardware that is part of extreme blackdiamond 8800 switches category of used, refurbished and pre-owned network equipment that Sapia Networks has in stock for sale. Pre-owned extreme blackdiamond 8800 switches for sale.

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Extreme BlackDiamond 8800 Switches IT equipment

List of used Extreme Networks Extreme BlackDiamond 8800 Switches equipment
41312 BD8800 MPLS Feature PackExtremeXOS MPLS Feature Pack for BlackDiamond 8800 series switches, requires MSM128 and 8900-XL interface modules
41822 BD 8800 S-10G1XcBlackDiamond 8800 1-port 10G XFP card (add-on module for MSM-48c)
41251 BD 8500-MSM24BlackDiamond 8500 Management Switch Module, optional I,O port
65046 BD 8806 / BD 12804 Mid Mount KitBlackDiamond 8806 , BlackDiamond 12804 Mid Mount Kit
41114 BD 8806 AC PSU CoverBlackDiamond 8806 PSU cover (includes power cord retainer bracket)
41012 41012 BD 8806 6-Slot ChassisBlack Diamond 8806 6-Slot Chassis (Includes Fan Tray)
41615 BD 8800 10G8XcBlackDiamond 8800 8-port 10GBASE-XFP
41543 BD 8800 G24XcBlackDiamond 8800 24-port 1000BASE-X mini-GBIC
41141 BD 8810 Mid Mount KitBlackDiamond 8810 Mid Mount Kit
41823 BD 8800 S-10G2XcBlackDiamond 8800 2-port 10GBASE-X SFP+ card (add-on module for MSM-24, MSM-48c and MSM128)
41050 BD 8806 600W/900W PSUBD 8806 600W,900W 100-240V PSU
41517 BD 8800 G48TcBlackDiamond 8800 48-port 10,100,1000BASE-T RJ-45, optional POE card
41111 BD 8810 Spare Fan TrayBlackDiamond 8810 Spare Fan Tray
60020 700W/1200W 100-240V PSU700W,1200W 100-240VAC Power Supply Unit
41544 BD 8800 G48XcBlackDiamond 8800 48-port 1000BASE-X mini-GBIC
65043 BD 12804 / BD 8806 Spare Fan TrayBlackDiamond 12804 , BlackDiamond 8806 Spare Fan Tray,
41811 BD 8800 S-POEBlackDiamond 8800 POE Card (add-on module for 8800 G48Tc, 8800 G48Te2 and 8500-G48T-e)
41631 BD 8900-10G8X-xl8-port 10GBASE-X, XFP
60021 1200W -48V DC PSU1200W -48V DC Power Supply Unit
41516 BD 8800 G48Te2BlackDiamond 8800 48-port 10,100,1000BASE-T RJ-45, edge, optional POE card

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