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Manufactured by Juniper, the juniper erx, bx & ctp series networking equipment and hardware that is part of juniper erx, bx & ctp series category of used, refurbished and pre-owned network equipment that Sapia Networks has in stock for sale. Pre-owned juniper erx, bx & ctp series for sale.

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Juniper ERX, BX & CTP Series IT equipment

List of used Juniper Juniper ERX, BX & CTP Series equipment
BALUM-BBNX Breakout panel, BNX Breakout panel for 20 Port Channelized E1 Adapter (Telco)
OC12-LH-I/O1-port OC12,STM4 LH IOA: provides (1) single mode OC12,STM4 SC full duplex physical port supporting distances up to 40 kilometers. Works with the OC3,OC12-ATM, ERX-OCXA256M-MOD, and OC3,OC12-POS line modules.
ERX-CD-810-DOCCD Documentation Set supporting JUNOSe 8.1
CTP2056-REC-RMKCTP2056 Recessed Rackmount kit
CTP2056-AC-02CTP2056 AC Chassis
RKMT-23-BX7000-S23 inch Rack Mount Kit for BX 7000
EX3-310AC1G-SYSERX-310 AC Base System - includes chassis, midplane, fan tray & controller, (1) AC power supply (requires region-specific power cord), AC PDU with redundant connections to support a 2nd power supply (sold separately), SRP (1G memory), SRP IOA, edge services software license, and 2k BRAS user license.
EX3-AC10AAU-CBLERX-310 AC Power Cable - Australia (10A, 2.5 m) with straight-in connector.
ERX-GE-MOD2-port GE Line Module: supports (2) active Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and (2) backup ports for GE redundancy. Ships with 256MB of memory. Requires the 2xGE IOA (ERX-2GE-IOA) with pluggable SFP adapters. Line module redundancy is not supported.
TCA8500-RB-DCTiming Server, 8-port T1,E1 BITS, Rubidium, DC power
ERX-O3O12P-MOD4-port OC3,STM1 or 1-port OC12,STM4 POS Line Module: supports (4) OC3,STM1 POS or (1) OC12,STM4 POS interface(s) with 128MB of memory. Requires either an OC3,STM1 IOA or OC12,STM4 IOA. Supports 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1 line module redundancy.
BX-BCC-OCXBX 7000 Advanced clocking Module (OCX version. Supports external Sync, IEEE1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet)
ES2-E120-EARS23-FRUE120 mid rack mounting ears for a 23-inch wide rack.
ERX-FW-VR10-LTUStateful Firewall LTU - Software license to support stateful firewall features for up to 10 VRs,VRFs
ES2-8OC3AS1-IOAE320 (half-height) 8-port OC3,STM1 ATM IOA (requires pluggable OC3,STM1 SFP transceivers).
ERX-2GE-IOA2+2 Port GE IOA: supports up to (4) pluggable SFP adapters (RX-550M-SFP, RX-10KM-SFP, RX-70KM-SFP). Works with both the ERX-GE-MOD line module and the ERX_HDE_MOD.
ERX-OC3M-APS-IOA4-port OC3,STM1 MM IOA with APS: provides (4 - 4 active + 4 standby) OC3,STM1 multimode LC full duplex physical ports. Supports distances up to 2 kilometers. Works with the ERX-OCXA256M-MOD, OC3,OC12-ATM, and OC3,OC12-POS line modules.
ERX-FW-UPFW250-LTUSateful Firewall license upgrade from 10 to 250 VRs,VRFs
SW-SA16Optional software license to enable Subscriber Access support for up to 16,000 simultaneous active IP, LAC, and bridged interfaces.
CTP2000-IM-8P-MSCTP2000 Series 8-port Serial module with 8 daughter cards to add 4WTO analog, high quality analog, and IRIG capabilities to 2 ports.

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