Used juniper m series routers equipment by Juniper

Manufactured by Juniper, the juniper m series routers networking equipment and hardware that is part of juniper m series routers category of used, refurbished and pre-owned network equipment that Sapia Networks has in stock for sale. Pre-owned juniper m series routers for sale.

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Juniper M Series Routers IT equipment

List of used Juniper Juniper M Series Routers equipment
DIMM-16G-RE-SRE Memory Upgrade from 8G to 16G, Spare
PWR-M10i-M7i-AC-RM10i,M7i AC Redundant Power Supply Option (ordered with base unit) (Note: AC power cords are sold separately)
RE-A-1800X2-16G-UPG-BBRouting Engine - Dual Core 1800Ghz with 16G Memory, Upgrade for Base Bundle
RE-A-1800X2-16G-SRouting Engine - Dual Core 1800Ghz with 16G Memory, Spare
M320-FPC3E3-2XGE-XENPAK-BBundle, including one M320-FPC3-E3, and two PC-1XGE-XENPAK PICs, Xenpak optical modules sold separately.
FEB-M7i-SVCS-MS-E-BBM7i Enhanced Forwarding Engine Board with built-in Multi Services Module
FPCBLANK-M160M40e-SM160,M40e FPC Blank Panel Spare
CBL-TX-SIB-30M(1) fiber array cable to interconnect SIB-4-TX to SIB-TX-T640, 30 meters
CBL-PWR-10AC-STR-USAC Power Cable, US (10A, 2.5 m) - Straight Version. Required for M7i and M10i
CBL-PWR-10AC-STR-JPAC Power Cable, Japan (10A, 2.5 m)- Straight Version. Required for M7i and M10i
M7iBASE-DC-2FETXM7i Base Unit: 4 PIC slot chassis, 2 built-in Fast Ethernet Ports (RJ Connectors), cooling, midplane, 1 DC power supply, JUNOS, 1 Forwarding Engine, 1 Routing Engine. Optional flash media kit sold separately.
PWR-M10i-M7i-AC-SM10i,M7i AC Power Supply Spare (Note: AC power cords are sold separately)
M320-FPC3-E3-2XGE-XENPAKM320 Type 3 Enhanced III Flexible PIC Concentator with two PC-1XGE-XENPAK PICs. Xenpaks sold separately.
PWR-M-AC-RAC Power Entry Module, Redundant (for M320BASE-AC-EC only)
M10iE-DC-RE850-BM10i, DC, 850 MHz RE, Enhanced CFEB, JunosWW
FANTRAY-BLANK-M10i-SFan Tray Blank Panel Spare for M10i
M10iE-4GE-RE850-US-R-BFully redundant M10i chassis (US cable) with 4 GE ports - Includes redundant RE850, redundant enhanced CFEB, enhanced IQ2 PIC, JunOS WW
CBL-TX-SIB-55M(1) fiber array cable to interconnect SIB-4-TX to SIB-TX-T640, 55 meters
CF-UPG2-1G-SUpgrade Kit 1G compact flash upgrade for RE 400,850
CHAS-BP-M320-SChassis with Installed Backplane, Spare, M320

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