Used juniper mx series routers equipment by Juniper

Manufactured by Juniper , the juniper mx series routers networking equipment and hardware that is part of juniper mx series routers category of used, refurbished and pre-owned network equipment that Sapia Networks has in stock for sale. Pre-owned juniper mx series routers for sale.

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Juniper MX Series Routers IT equipment

List of used Juniper Juniper MX Series Routers equipment
JCS1200BASE-ACJCS1200 base non redundant AC platform: 12 slots w, redundant cooling, 2 AC power supply kits (2 PSUs per kit), 1 switch, 1 Management module, 1 Media tray, Chassis bezel and Cable management collar.
MX80-40G-AC-BMX80 Promotional 40G Bundle, Includes MX80 Modular AC, spare AC Power supply, 2 modular MIC slots including L3-ADV license, Queuing, Inline Jflow, Junos WW. (2x10G fixed ports restricted, MICs sold separately)
JCS1200-DC-1XRE-1XRRJCS1200 DC platform bundle for route reflector application including a redundant JCS1200BASE-DC-R system, 1 RE-JCS-1X2330-16G and 1 S-RR licenses.
FFANTRAY-MX960-SMX960 Fantray (upper or lower), Spare
SSD-32G-RE-SRE Solid State Drive - 32G
FANTRAY-JCS1200-SJCS1200 Fan Tray (spare).
MX2000-PSM-AC-SMX2000 AC Power Supply Module, Spare
MX2000-PDM-AC-WYE-SMX2000 3 Phase AC Wye Power Distribution Module, Spare
DPC-SCB-BLANKMX DPC Blank Cover, Spare
FFILTER-MX960-SMX960 Filter tray for fantray, Spare
RE-S-1300-2048-WW-SRouting engine with 1300MHz processor and 2GB memory, Spare (JUNOS WW)
FFILTER-MX960-HC-SMX960 Filter tray for high-capacity fantray, Spare
MX80-5G-AC-BMX80 Promotional 5G Bundle, Includes MX80 Modular AC, spare AC Power supply, 20x1G MIC including L3-ADV license, Queuing, Inline Jflow, Junos WW. (4x10G fixed ports and 1x front empty MIC slot restricted)
MNT-SHELF-23-MX480-SMX480 Small Mounting Shelf for 23in rack
PKG-MX480-SMX480 Shipping Container, Spare
MX2020-CRAFT-SCraft Interface Panel, MX2020 Chassis, Spare
FLTR-KIT-MX960-SMX960 Air Filter, Spare
MX80-10G-AC-BMX80 Promotional 10G Bundle, Includes MX80 Modular AC, spare AC Power supply, 20x1G MIC, 1 extra modular MIC slot including L3-ADV license, Queuing, Inline Jflow, Junos WW (4x10G fixed ports restricted, MIC in empty slot sold separately)
RE-USB-1G-SUSB media upgrade,spare for RE
MX2000-PDM-AC-DELTA-SMX2000 3 Phase AC Delta Power Distribution Module, Spare

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