Used juniper t series routers equipment by Juniper

Manufactured by Juniper, the juniper t series routers networking equipment and hardware that is part of juniper t series routers category of used, refurbished and pre-owned network equipment that Sapia Networks has in stock for sale. Pre-owned juniper t series routers for sale.

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Juniper T Series Routers IT equipment

List of used Juniper Juniper T Series Routers equipment
CHAS-BP-TXP-STX Matrix Plus Chassis with Installed Backplane, Spare
CHAS-BP-TX-S(1) TX Matrix chassis and backplane spare (no CB, CIP or SIBs)
SCG-T320T-Series Sonet Clock Generator Board redundant option
FLTR-KIT-T640-ST640 Filter Kit (includes Front, Rear, and PEM Air Filters), used on T640, T1600, TX Matrix
PWR-T-10KW-DELTA-AC-SAC Power Supply, Delta, spare with cable
PWR-T1600-3-80-DC-BB3 X 80 Amp Power Entry module for T1600 base bundle
SCG-T-BBT640 Sonet Clock Generator Board (included in T640BASE-DCprice)
RE-A-2000-4096-RRouting engine with 2000MHz processor and 4GB memory, Redundant
CB-T-RT-Series Control Board for Stanalone and Multichassis Systems (redundant)
CB-L-T-BLANKBlank plate for CB on T-series
CB-LCC-SControl Board for T-Series LCC, use with TX Matrix Plus, Spare
T1600FPC4ES-4OC192-UPGPricing Bundle: Contains (1) T1600-FPC4-ES + (1) PD-4OC192-SON-XFP (optics sold separately) when (1) previously EOL'd T640-FPC (any FPC type) is decommissioned
CF-UPG1-1G-SCompact Flash Upgrade Kit for RE-A-2000,RE-A-1000 and RE-S-2000 and RE-S-1300
T1600-FPC4-ES-8XGE-XFP(1) T1600-FPC4-ES and (2) PD-4XGE-XFP PICs. Optics sold separately.
SIB-TX-T640(1) multichassis Switch Interface Board
SCG-T320-BBT320 Sonet Clock Generator Board (included in T320BASE-DC price)
PWR-T1600-3-80-DC-BB3 X 80 Amp Power Entry module for T1600 base bundle
SIB-TXP-F2SSwitch Interface Board for TX Matrix Plus, fabric stage two
PWR-T1600-4-60-DC-BBPower entry module 4 X 60A DC Base Bundle
FAN-REAR-TX-T640-S(1) 8 fan, fan tray for T640 or TX Matrix - Spare

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