Juniper Network Equipment

Juniper NetworksWe buy, seel and trade used certified Juniper network equipment.
The market for used and refurbished network hardware equipment, like a used router from Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems, Brocade, and other top manufacturers is steadily growing. In fact, some of the largest networks in the world make use of used Juniper routers to help meet system and budgetary demands. 
A used Juniper router is able to deliver the most advanced IP/MPLS edge routing services and enables service providers to easily manage their mission critical networking applications. Used Juniper routers divide the control plane, services plane, and forwarding plane, which allows for faster processing. This is done on the actual hardware and so, no processing is done using software -doing this makes a used Juniper router much more stable and robust. By deploying a used Juniper router companies can leverage multiple services and applications such as security, voice and video, VOIP, VPN, and more.


Benefits of purchasing used Juniper

  • Enhanced Edge and High Density Agnostic
  • Extensive VPN Range and Bit QOS Range
  • Extremely Reliable and Robust Routers

Used Juniper Router Family Include

  • Used Juniper T Series
  • Used Juniper M Series
  • M5BASE-AC-E or DC
  • M7iBASE-AC or DC
  • M10BASE-AC-E or DC and M10BASE-AC-P2 or DC
  • M10BASE-AC-WW-P2 or DC and M10iBASE-AC or DC
  • Used Juniper MX240
  • MX480
  • MX104
  • MX80
  • MX40
  • MX10
  • MX2020
  • M160BASE-DC
  • M20BASE-AC or DC
  • M320BASE-AC or DC
  • M40eBASE-AC or DC
  • T320BASE-DC
  • T640BASE-DC

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Juniper Networks develops purpose-built, high performance IP platforms that enable customers to support a wide variety of services and applications at scale.

Service providers, enterprises, governments and research and education institutions rely on Juniper to deliver a portfolio of proven networking, security and application acceleration solutions that solve highly complex, fast-changing problems in the world’s most demanding networks.

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