Used Juniper MX

Used Juniper MX HardwareJuniper Networks MX series multiservice edge routing portfolio uniquely combines best-in-class IP/MPLS capabilities with unmatched reliability, stability, security, and service richness. These multiservice edge routing platforms allow providers to consolidate multiple networks onto a single IP/MPLS infrastructure, while simultaneously generating new revenues with leading-edge services. The used Juniper MX series multiservice edge routing systems use a hardware-based approach enables multiple services without compromise on a single IP/MPLS platform. Providers enjoy maximized revenue and minimized operational and capital costs.
Sapia Networks stocks the complete line of used Juniper MX series routers and line cards.   Including used Juniper MX960, MX480, MX240, MX80, MX10,  MX5 and Juniper’s latest model, the MX104.

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