Used marconi network modules equipment by Marconi

Manufactured by Marconi, the marconi network modules networking equipment and hardware that is part of marconi network modules category of used, refurbished and pre-owned network equipment that Sapia Networks has in stock for sale. Pre-owned marconi network modules for sale.

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Marconi Network Modules IT equipment

List of used Marconi Marconi Network Modules equipment
NM-GBIC-LX10KM Single mode intermediate reach GBIC interface
NMCE-8/DS1E1E8 port T1 1.544 Mbps and E1 2.048 Mbps Circuit Emulation module (8.1)
NMCE-3/DS33-port channelized DS3 3,1,0 Circuit Emulation Service network module (8.2)
NMIMA-3/DS33-port channelized DS3 3,1 IMA & ATM network module (8.3)
NMCE-4/SR244-port serial network module
NMFR-3/DS33-port channelized DS3 3,1,0 Frame Relay Interworking network module (8.2)
NM-4/155STM1EEFour port STM1e, BNC Connector
NM-4/155SMIREFour port OC-3c, SMIR, SC connector
NM-4/DS3EFour port DS3, BNC connector
NM-4/DS1D4 port DS1 network module
NMFR-4/DS1A4 port DS1 1.544 Mbps Frame Interworking (5.2)
NM-1/622MMSCESingle port OC-12c, MM, SC connector
NM-4/ETH-TXB4 port 10,100 IP capable Ethernet Network Module
NM-4/155SMLREFour port OC-3c, SMLR (1550nm), SC connector
NMCE-6/E1A6 port E1 2.048 Mbps Circuit Emulation (5.0)
NM-1/622SMIRESingle port OC-12c, SMIR, SC connector
NM-4/155UTPEFour port OC-3c, UTP, RJ-45 connector
NM-1/622SMLRESingle port OC-12c, SMLR (1550nm), SC connector
MLFR-R/TUDS3Multi-Link Frame Relay RTU
NM-LANESVRLANE v1.0 Services Network Module

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